About Us

The Xpression House is the youth church of The Word Alive Ministries International a.k.a The Stone Church. We started out in september 2009 as a vision of the president of WAMI, Senior Pastor Alex Adegboye under the directive of the Holy Spirit to set up a church to cater for the all-round wellness of young people between the ages of 18-24, through the teaching and preaching of the infalliable word of God and communicating it in the language of the youth. We launched out as an afternoon church with few members under the pastoral care of the pioneer pastor, Pastor (Dr) Sola Akande until january 2012.

Simple & Humble Beginning

The days of our little begining were quite rough and tough dealing with young folks full of life but enormous challenges. However, God as added to us, weve grown immensely to about an average of 200 every sunday service... to God be the glory!


Under the leadership of Pastor Fred Elegbe, with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we've been able to impact so many lives positively and are still striving for more! There have been several testimonies of healing, deliverance, transformation, supernatural encounters, favours and breakthroughs in every facet of youth-life. Right now as a church, amongst other outreach efforts, we engage in a strategic street evangelism program tagged "Reach More 4 Jesus" aka #RM4J, where weve been consistently preaching the kingdom to souls in our host enviroment and will extend to other communities. we also offer tutorial classes to prepare members of our host community, as part of our Cooperate Social Responsibility, for external examinations such as WASSCE/NECO/GCE/UTME at no cost within our facility. We are a family of diverse but united ministries: Drama, Prayer, Choir, Dance(gospel project), Hospitality, Counseling, Media, Technical, Corperate affairs, Transport & Logistics. Venue: The Ark, The Stone Church Street, behind NEPA (IBEDC) office, opposite mokola market, Ibadan.

WARNING: At The Xpression House, the energy-level is very high from the music to the prayer to the word! we are pretty much expressive! we are alergic to boredom and lukewarmness! You can feel the passion as you make your way int the ark and our love-level is undeniably contagious! We love everybody... we believe everybod is somebody in God's eyes! we believe God is love! 1Jh4:8,16. we beileve christ is the son of God and the high priest of our confession. we believe in the holy spirit and emphasize communion with him! we'll be glad to have you join us, the family of the BLESSED people! Xpression House... we are BLESSED, so BLESSED that the BLESSED call us BLESSED!!! KING JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL!!!

Our Address

  • The Ark, The Stone Church Street, behind NEPA (IBEDC) office, opposite mokola market, Ibadan.
  • +2348081607292
  • contact@xpressionhouse.org


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“Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”

Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

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